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Submission ID: 760
Date Reported: 2020/05/05 - 12:41:02


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Holes in tree trunks -, Branch die back -, Dying trees -

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Bianca Vos-Lynch

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13 Victorskloof road
Hout Bay
South Region

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Private land. Currently our building site / forest. We transplanted about 7 lemon trees out of the ground and into 150L bags when we were demolishing the house. Most are happy but one didn’t look happy. We thought we’d leave it to bounce back on own but never did. Yesterday I looked closely and saw the holes. I don’t see any sap or sawdust below an of the holes. At the bottom of the tree there was a new shoot (green) covered in aphids. Tree is about 2m. We are burning the whole tree now, bag and all, in our fire pit. I am going back today to look closely at the rest but didn’t see it on any of the other trees. Will look more today.

Detected Coordinates

Latitude: -34.01657 Longitude: 18.35647